How about a fraternal type e-gathering?

Tuesday 25th June 10.30am & Wednesday 3rd July 10.30am

Would either of those dates suit you to meet for a coffee and a chat?

  • informal chat around things that are going well in our parishes
  • Any top tech tips to share… as we move increasingly into the digital world
  • fix up a date… or dates for future e-gatherings.

Ground rules:

  • You make your own coffee!
  • Open to Ministers, Deacons and Readers in ‘Highlands and Islands’
  • 12 participants max at each e-gathering
  • Meet for half an hour.

Let Donald McCorkindale know your Skype username and which time you would like to join. dmccorkindale @…

Ensure that Skype is running 15 minutes before start time…  he’ll call you within that 15 minutes (during which time you can mute your mic and camera – but we’ll know that you are all set)

Skype is good in that it is cross-platform and you should all be able to get on it on smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.  Phones and tablets are actually best as you don’t need to set up a webcam and feedback loop issues are reduced with better ‘noise cancellation’.  If you do use a laptop or desktop with Skype it is advisable to use headphones with an attached mic – otherwise sound from speakers can be picked up by the microphone causing a feedback loop.  Don’t worry if that made no sense to you!

If you are not yet a Skype user, you can download and install it to Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and even Linux…  at

To get multiple people on Skype on the same call, the host will have to call you. If you have used other video conferencing software you may have been able to join the meeting yourself – that is not straightforward in Skype.  In future we could look at alternative apps…  Zoom for example would allow a virtual meeting to be set up for a specific time and invited participants can log in…  Zoom’s free version allows multiple participant meetings for up to 40 minutes – so that restriction could work well for our purposes!