General Assembly 2021

General Assembly begins on Saturday 22nd May, and will be mainly online with a small core team of the top table, presenting conveners, technical and admin support. There is πŸ”— a separate page here with some notes specifically for Commissioners, but all elders, members and friends are invited to share in General Assembly 2021.

Watch on the Live Stream

All proceedings will be live-streamed and you can watch from wherever you are. Details and the webcast link will be at πŸ”—

Reports & Speeches

All πŸ”— the reports and other documents are available to download. If you are looking for a good overview of what’s coming to this Assembly, you could watch the Conveners’ speeches which this year have been recorded in advance. πŸ”— Videos and text transcripts are available on the web; there are also πŸ”— YouTube playlists where you can watch the speeches, including πŸ”— an option with BSL interpretation.

Review of the year with Rt Rev Dr Martin Fair

Before the Assembly, on Wednesday 19th at 8pm, Rt Rev Dr Martin Fair will be providing a review of the year past – this too will be πŸ”— live streamed

Sunday 23rd May – Pentecost Sunday

πŸ”— BBC’s Reflections at the Quay will feature the Moderator, Jim Wallace, Baron of Tankerness along with sung praise items from past Assemblies.

Pray for the General Assembly

Lord of the Church, we pray for all who will engage in General Assembly as together we seek to discern your will, purposes and promises for the Church of Scotland.

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