Highland Commissioners’ Gathering May 2019

Last May, a number of commissioners from the Highland Presbyteries met up for a buffet at the Wash Bar on the Monday evening. It was a good networking opportunity.

Do we want to do something similar this year?

As Vice-Convenor of Assembly Arrangements Committee, I will have other evening commitments and may not be able to attend such an event…

Would someone else like to arrange and co-ordinate a gathering this year?

With all good wishes…


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2 Responses to Highland Commissioners’ Gathering May 2019

  1. Catherine Buchan says:

    I could have a go at organizing this, since I will be there this year. If people could let me know what evenings to avoid (clerks’ dinner etc) that would be useful.

  2. dgbmcc says:

    Monday is probably the only evening that would work. Tuesday is Clerks’ Gathering, Wednesday some will be at the Moderator’s Reception, and Thursday is the Beating of Retreat at the Palace to which first time commissioners will be invited. Last year the buffet at the Wash Bar worked well… and very reasonable at £6 a head!

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