‘Ringing Out for Peace’ 7.05pm on 11/11/18

A Nation’s Tribute 11th November 2018, being organised to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the end of World War 1, along with paying tribute to the many millions that either lost their lives during dreadful conditions in their trenches or on the battlefields of the Western Front, or returned home wounded during or after the War finished on 11th November 1918. (The Guide can be viewed and downloaded by going to – www.brunopeek.co.uk and will be updated on this site on 31st March, 31st July and 31st October, to ensure we list all those involved as well as being able to send them further information over the forthcoming months).

As I am sure you know, many bell ringers lost their lives during WW1, so would like to use this event pay tribute to them too, by encouraging every church throughout the UK, Channel Island and the Isle of Man to take part in ‘ringing out for peace’, by ringing their bells at 7.05pm on 11th November 2018, asking those wishing to participate to complete the ENTRY FORM found at: www.brunopeek.co.uk as soon as possible, or by 31ST OCTOBER 2018 please.


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